We have been organizing events for more than 35 years.

Each one is different and requires personalized  attention,  so  we  invite  you  to  share  your  questions  and  concerns  with  us.  We  have  a brochure   with different menus although they are only a small sample of what we can prepare.

If you want or have any suggestions you would like us  to include in your menu, do not hesitate to let us know.

What event are you looking for?

We can make a custom proposal for you

“Shared memories for a lifetime”

Hotel Villa Flamenca is a family run  business  and  we  fully  understand  how  important  a  wedding  or  a  50th  anniversary  celebration  is.  It  is  not  just  an  economic  transaction,  it  is  a shared  memory  for  a  lifetime. We will make sure that  you have a special and memorable day, doing every possible thing  to make your dream  come true.

“Salón Bajamar” has a maximum capacity of up to 160 people seated or 250 standing (cocktail style). Your  ideal  place  for  any  type  of  event  and  /  or  celebration:  cocktails,  coffee  breaks,  communions, weddings, baptisms, business meetings, etc. If you need a customized budget, contact us directly by sending an email to events@hotelvillaflamenca.com or you can also call us at +34 951 558 855